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Preserving CD and DVD-based Console Games (Pt. 2)

In the last post, I mentioned the use of a disk imaging command called dd. One of the shortcomings of dd is that it doesn’t provide any kind of progress information while it is working, and doesn’t integrity check the resulting output. Sometimes it has an error during the imaging process and just stops prematurely without an explanation. After going through 100 or so Playstation 1 games and trying to backup all of them using dd, I started looking for a better way.

One alternative I found was an improved version of dd called dcfldd, a tool by Nick Harbour when he worked at the Department of Defense’s Computer Forensic Laboratory (DCFL). To use it, you need to download the source and compile (no binary love for Mac OS X users). The steps are the same standard ones for GNU open source projects: extract the source code archive (should be just a double click in Finder after it downloads); open Terminal; cd to the directory of the source code; ./configure; make; sudo make install. Then you should be able to run dcfldd using the same parameters as with dd, except now you will get to see the progress. It also may have just been a coincidence, but dcfldd ripped my copy of MDK whereas dd was not getting the job done (it kept erroring out).


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